Who will be the last qualified ?

After a harsh 1st weekend of competition, multiple participants have already managed to qualify for the first eSports League in Luxembourg. We give you a summary on the qualified!

The Qualifier 1 already past, the esport athletes of the Greater Region will have their last chance to qualify for the season in a few days. Indeed, the Qualifier 2 will take place Saturday and Sunday where the last available spots of the League will be up for grabs.

To have a better understanding, here is a summary of the qualifiers at this time:


FIFA20 (Ultimate Team)
→ 16 total spots
→ 12 spots left to win

Clash Royale
→ 24 total spots
→ 16 spots left to win

League of Legends ( Teams of 5)
→ 8 total spots
→ 6 spots left to win


Even though the registrations will end on Thursday at 6:00PM, already more than 230 people have registered. See you this Sunday night to discover who will write their names on the list of the qualified.

The qualified will start the first historical season on the 1st of May and will battle during 2 month of competition to determine who will win their spot for the Playoffs.