League of Legends: Suspense on all levels

The battle between the best teams of the seaon is still ongoing. Outplay won their game against Knëppel Club and Brotherhood of the Red Lion wins against Team Slick. Therefore, the two tams will have to battle it out one more time in the upcoming week in order to settle the positioning between them: The Tie-breaker!

Another Tie-breaker has already happened: the one that had to decide in case of a draw between Dat Aanert Team and North Bronze Side in case of a tie in the standings at the end of the season. This scenario came true as, after having lost their last game of the season this week, the two teams both ended at the 6th place. However, there is only spot available for the playoffs and it’s Dat Aanert Team who manages to qualifiy for the playoffs after winning this ultimate game! The season is therefore over for North Bronze Side who will have fought until the last week of the competition despite the high level of play showcased from the other teams.

We have our 6 qualified teams for the playoffs:

  • Outplay (1st or 2nd)
  • Brotherhood of the Red Lion (1st or 2nd)
  • Corona Difference (3rd)
  • Knëppel Club (4th)
  • Team Slick (5th)
  • Dat Aanert Team (6th)

Game of the week: Outplayer vs Brotherhood of the Red Lion

During the regular season, Brotherhood of the Red Lion surprised everyone by giving Outplay their first loss of the season as they won 1 of the 2 games. The red lions showcased, by finishing at the first place of the standings that they were not to be taken lightly and that they had the possibility of becoming the first team crowned champion of the POST eSports League. Outplay took the other road. Considered as unbeatable at the start of the season, they were finally caught up by B.O.T.R.L and Corona Difference.


FIFA20: 3 players – 1 spot

As it has become usual throughout this season, FIFA has shown us beautiful performances and surprises this week.

DiogoSantos of FC Progrès Niederkorn ends the week on a perfect note by winning his games against Shadoow of Standard de Lièges (2-1) and Ciscinho of Outplay. By winning against the n°1 belgium player and the n°1 luxemburgish player, he climbs to the 6th spot and gives himself a chance of finishing 4th during the last week of the season.

On his side, Fuoriclasse showcases once more that he deserves to be on the podium as he shakes up the standings, LxbFIFA of Outplay, on a score of 2-0! He also adds Prestino to his resumé as he wins 2-1 and strengthen his 3rd place (33pts), he can still finish 2nd if he wins his last game of the season and LxbFifa loses his (36pts).

The race to the playoffs is reaching its highest point! LouisLux lost his 2 games of the week and allows DidiStorm and EricGaletto to catch up. Filipe_vs is eliminated after his loss against AbdouBrown of Team Kaio. It will be 3 players who will battle during the last week of the season in order to secure the 12th spot in the standings which will grant them access to the playoffs!

Games of the week: LxbFifa vs xFabinho / LouisLux vs EricGaletto

For this last week of the season, the schedule gives us a battle of the heroes between the n°1 and 2 of the standings: LxbFifa and xFabinho. Both players from Outplay will battle it out to secure the first place of the standings and have the place of favourite for the title. Is it a preview of the final? What is certain is that this game will count immensely for the race to the best player of the season!


CLASH ROYALE: Surprise and confirmation

The top of the standings face a lot of changes after this 7th week! Between surprises defeats of top players and challengers heating up at the right time, the tendencies have completely changed from the start of the season.

Blacky gets the better of BlackPearl and it causes him to lose his first place to Magic who was waiting for BlackPearl to make a mistake in order to take his first place. Shy Guy from Royal Family keeps his rythmn as he wins his 3 games, enabling him to secure his place in the top3.

Very complicated week for Tortel of Royal Family who plummet down the standings after 1 surprise loss against B3lgraal, a forfeit against BlackPearl and a tight win against Lourenco. The first #PlayerOfTheWeek of the season is now 7th behind Berry and Orange who are both on a hot streak! Orange had his best week of the season winning 3 games in a row against Lara, The Beast and especially Krypto of Outplay.

The race to the playoffs are heating up, just like FIFA, the suspense is at its peak although only 2 games are left to be played before the end of the season! The top 16 will participate to the playoffs and 14 of them are already qualified, as well as 5 players eliminated; the 2 games left not enough for them to catch up. Aubx (7pts), Mahdil (7pts), Gibona (8pts) and Stuflils (8pts) can still make it to the playoffs. 2 of them will be qualified while the others while have no other choice but to try their luck again next year.

Game of the week: Mahdil vs Gibona/Stuflils

Actually 17th and not qualified for the playoffs, Mahdil will play against Gibona 16th and Stuflils 15th! The faith of the 4 players looking to qualify for the playoffs is in the hands of the player from DuXedom E-sports. End of the suspense wednesday 1st of July as the players will have 9 days to play their 2 last games! (end of the season the 1st of July – playoffs the 4th and 5th of July)



Congratulations to the #PlayerOfTheWeek of last week:
AbdouBrown of TeamKaio on FIFA20, HappyFreezy of Corona Difference on League Of Legends et Berry of Outplay on Clash Royale !

Join us Wednesday at 6:00PM on the facebook page of POST eSports League to discover the names of the #PlayerOfTheWeek of week 5!

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