Embushed outsiders, players who are heating up and an enraged race to the playoffs  !? RESULTS, TENDENCY, GAMES OF THE WEEK… WE TELL YOU EVERYTHING IN THIS SUMMARY OF THE 6TH WEEK OF THE SEASON!


League of Legends: The Outsiders stronger than ever

The penultimate week of the regular season ended on an incredible surprise from Corona Difference who managed to end their game against Outplay Esports on a draw (1-1)! After their draw against Brotherhood of the Red Lion last week, Outplay faced a challenge once more by one of its most direct rivals. The favorites of the competition, who had a smooth sailing through the season until now, find in Corona Difference and B.O.T.R.L rivals that they should not underestimate during the chase for the title! The level of the best teams is much more homogeneous than announced at the start of the season, an opportunity to make the playoffs thrilling and exciting as the competition heats up. The playoffs will take place on the 4th and 5th of July and be streamed on Twitch.

On the side of the Red Lions, they had a perfect game against North Bronze Side which allows them to win 2 points and join Outplay in the first place at the top of the rankings! This win grants them an opportunity to have a serious advantage during the playoffs. Indeed, if they win their last game of the season against Team Slick, Corona Difference will not be able to catch up in the rankings, and they will end the season at least 2nd. After all, the 2 best teams of the season are directly qualified for the second round of the playoffs, avoiding a direct elimination game in the first round.

To have a more distinct understanding, find thereafter a projection of the bracket of the playoffs with the actual ranking:


The last week of the season has the opportunity to completely change the bracket:

  • Outplay, Corona and Brotherhood can all still end up first, second or third. Finishing first or second enables the team to have a serious advantage by playing 1 less round. Qualifying as third gives the possibility to play against the sixth, in other words, an easier opponent.
  • Knëppel Club can still become first if they manage to beat Outplay 2-0 this week, but they will also have to count on the losses of the 2 other top teams. Regarding Team Slick, they can still hope to steal the 4th place to Knëppel Club but nothing is decisive as the 4th and the 5th place will play against each other during the 1st round of the playoffs anyways.
  • The 7th and last week of the season will be especially decisive for North Bronze Side. Indeed, thanks to the forfeit of Team Kaio, Dat Aanert Team will automatically receive 2 points this week bringing them back to the same spot

GAME OF THE NEXT WEEK: Corona Difference vs North Bronze Side

Like a preview of the playoffs! As explained beforehand, this game has an important stake for both teams who have a good chance of meeting in the first round of the playoffs. Corona absolutely wants to finish in the top 3 to assure an easier start to the playoffs, and N.B.S is literally playing for their qualification to the playoffs. Logically, Corona Difference is the strong favourite, but as this season has shown us, everything can happen!




AbdouBrown from Team Kaio wins the game of the week against Ciscinho on a convincing score (2-0)! In addition to winning against the player of the week, he also outplays Ivanilson (2-0), another impressive player of the league. This excellent performance from AbdouBrown, who was still 11th last week, shows that the overall level on FIFA is truly homogeneous in the POST eSports League.

As a fact, last week Ciscinho from Outplay, who was 12th, wins the trophy of #PlayerOfTheWeek after an incredible week and victories against the top players of the league. The 12 best players of the season will be qualified for the playoffs, and just as on League of Legends and Clash Royale, the better the ranking of a player, the easier his road in the playoffs will be (example: the 1st will play against the 12th in the first round). However, on all 3 games, it is on FIFA where it will be necessary to keep an eye out for upsets as this week has proven once more: everybody can beat everybody! Another example, the players of Team Slick, Malka and LastKingKevin won their games against Diogo Santos and Fuoriclasse, players of the week 2 and 4.

Nevertheless, this does not mean there is no favourite, only that upsets can happen. LxbFifa and xFabinho are there to showcase it winning 2 of their weekly games, allowing the 2 players from Outplay to take a lead in the standings with 33 points for the first and 30 points for the second. If the top 5 has not changed, the ones below are starting to fall off: Shadoww of the Standard de Liège and Fuoriclasse both have 27 points, and Ivanilson with 24 points.

GAME OF THE NEXT WEEK: LouisLux vs DidiStorm

A lot of interesting games awaits us for the second before last week of the season with, in particular, a titan battle between the top 1 and 2 luxemburgish players (Ciscinho vs Diogo Santos) or between the first and fourth of the rankings (LxbFifa vs Fuoriclasse). But the game with the biggest stakes will be between LouisLux, currently 12th (last one qualified for the playoffs) and Didistorm 14th, who is only 3 points behind his rival. With only 3 games left to qualify for the playoffs, this game will count double for the 2 players! A win from LouisLux will mean a direct elimination for DidiStorm but also of Filipe_vs and EricGaletto, both of them also 3 points from the 12th spot!



CLASH ROYALE : an enraged race to the playoffs

In the shadow of its teammate Krypto since the start of the league, Berry showcases nice performances in the last few weeks thanks to its prestigious victories. This time, it is Tortel of Royal Family who loses 2-0 against the player from Outplay. By adding his victories agains schch (forfeit) and Herbanana, he ends up with a « perfect week » (3 wins – 0 losses).

Other than the surprised loss of Tortel which makes him fall to the 5th spot, all the favourites have won their matchups! Magic ensures a 3-0, notably by winning his game against Coolio, just like Krypto, BlackPearl and Shy Guy who finishes their week undefeated on the week, stabilizing the top of the standings.

The race to the playoffs is still raging on! Only the players in the Top16 of the season will be qualified for the postseason. Although the gap has increased from the 19th spot, Stuflils, Gibona, Aubx and Mahdil of Duxedom eSports are all presenting the same number of points (7). Only the goal-average allows Aubx and Mahdil to be, for now, qualified for the playoffs.

GAME OF THE NEXT WEEK: Tortel vs BlackPearl

Irregular for some time now, Tortel must take advantage of the last 2 weeks of the competition to win his games in order to catch up to Magic and Krypto in the standings. On the other side, BlackPearl of Enemity Esport is now alone at the first place and one win against one of his main outsiders will reinforce furthermore his position of favourite as the playoffs become closer.




Congratulations to the #PlayerOfTheWeek of last week:
Ciscinho of Outplay on FIFA20, Tim Shady of Brotherhood of the Red Lion on League of Legends and Shy Guy of Royale Family on Clash Royale!

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