LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – The Lions are showing their teeth

This 5th week has been the most exciting since the start of the season!

Even though the standings were still very mild a few days ago with a slow competition, they have now completely changed!

Corona Difference easily dominated Knëppel Club, winning 2-0, and making them fall to 5th place! Which allowed Corona Difference to climb to the 2nd place. The team which came together right before the qualifiers has been learning to play together for now 2 months and the results are showing. Projected 5th at the start of the season, they continue to prove everyone wrong. Knëppel Club, who managed to snatch the draw against Brotherhood, is now in difficulty and falling in the standings.

However, Corona is not alone in 2nd place. Indeed, Brotherhood has never been as good, as they managed to win one game against OutPlay! Even though they are still first as of today, the white and yellow team is not unbeaten anymore! Is it just a fluke in their perfect season or did they find real rivals in the red lions? Only the playoffs will tell us!

The other hot team of the moment is Team Slick who takes advantage of their win on Dat Aanert Team and the loss of Knëppel Club to climb up to 4th place! After 3 weeks with no victories, they have now started to turn their season around as they have won 3 in a row, allowing them to clinch their spot for the playoffs.

Another last-minute surprise: Team Kaio forfeits for the rest of the competition due to internal reasons. As a result, the remaining teams receive 2 automatic points for their game against them. This helps Brotherhood get 1pt as they had lost their game against them.

It is an even more important news for North Bronze Side and Dat Aanert Team who see their chance of qualifying for the playoffs increase exponentially! Indeed, Team Slick are now certain to qualify, and Knëppel Club only needs one point to reach the playoffs. However, the ultimate spot for the playoffs will be played between North Bronze Side and Daat Annert Team.

Game of the week: Dat Aanert Team vs Knëppel Club

We could have talked about the game for first place between Corona Difference and OutPlay (which will give an advantage during the playoffs), but the game with the most stakes is elsewhere. Dat Aanert Team and Knëppel Club are literally playing their season with this game. The former are searching for the only point they need in order to overtake North Bronze Side, while the latter, winning only one game will assure their place in the playoffs! A draw would certainly please both teams, but there is no doubt that they will each look for the 2 points!


FIFA – A fierce battle

It was the most intense week of the season for the players at the top of the standings! Almost all the leaders of the POST eSports League met these last few days, it led to the heavily fought games.

They have not stolen their place! The top players kept going back and forth, as most of them ended the week with 1 win and 1 loss.

xFabinho of Outplay won (2-0) against Shadoow of the Standard de Liège, but lost against his teammate Ciscinho (1-2). Fuoriclasse also faces an upset as he loses to the Luxemburgish player (1-2) as well, but he picks himself back up by dominating Ivanilson (2-1). xFabinho, Shadoow and Fuoriclasse all end their week with 24 points on the board!

A player has, nevertheless, been able to stealthily take advantage of the situation as his rivals all faced up one against the other while he managed a fairly easy week for himself, LxBFifa steals the first place of the standings from xFabinho!

Another impressive performance, LouisLux wins against Malka from Team Slick allowing him to take the last spot for the playoffs by positioning himself behind LastKing of Team Slick and AbdouBrown of Team Kaio.

Game of the week: Ciscinho vs AbdouBrown

This week, the highlight will be on Ciscinho of OutPlay and AbdouBrown of Team Kaio who will start a decisive week for the rest of their season. On the rise in the past 2 weeks with his 2 wins against Fuoriclasse and xFabinho, the number 1 Luxemburgish player will do everything in his power to keep his hot streak going and get closer to the first spots. On the other hand, AbdouBrown is on the edge of the playoffs picture and is not allowed any more mistake if he is counting on competing in the postseason.


CLASH ROYALE – A family story

What an amazing week it was for the players of Royal Family! Tortel and Shy Guy at the top of their game as they each manage a perfect week by winning their 3 games without dropping a single one, against renowned opponents. Shy Guy beats Magic, who was 2nd in the standings, and Tortel ends the hot streak of Krypto. On the side of Lord Luka and Blacky, they manage an impressive week as they lose only one game each, therefore, Royal Family ends the week with 10 wins for only 2 losses.

With the losses of Magic and Krypto, BlackPearl of Enemity Esport is currently reigning alone on the throne of the competition, but he could have been pulling ahead even more if it wasn’t for his surprising loss at the hands of Stuflils!

Just like the two other games of the POST eSports League, the run to the playoffs is intense on Clash Royale! It is even tighter than in the other disciplines as there are still a lot of players who have a chance of making the postseason. Indeed, only 2 points separate Lourenco 20th, from Silent Voice 13th. The last 3 weeks of the competition will be decisive for Lourenco, Gibona, Mahdil of DuXedom, Aubx, Stuflils, HerrBeniLP, TheBeast, and even HerrBanana and Lara who still have a chance to qualify if they manage to string together a few victories.

Game of the week: Magic vs Coolio

It is undeniably the most interesting game of week 6. Magic lost some ground on BlackPearl and is being caught up by Tortel and Krypto (12 points each). He will have to win every game of the week in order to gain back his first place before the start of the playoffs, but it will not be easy as he will face against Coolio in the upcoming days. Stuck in the shadows of the best players since the start of the season, Coolio cannot be disappointed in himself. He has been consistent throughout the whole season and find himself only one loss behind Magic and could catch up to him in the standings in case of a victory.



Congratulations to the Top 5 in each game!
(Be careful! Do not take week 5 into account)




Congratulations to the #PlayerOfTheWeek of last week:
Ivanilson on FIFA20, BlackPearl of Enemity on Clash Royale et Jinsh of OutPlay on League Of Legends !


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