Recap & Results: Week 3

Another week full of tensions and upsets which ends with changes to the leaders in the 3 games! Results, tendency, games of the week… Everything is revealed in this summary of the 3rd week of the season!


LEAGUE OF LEGENDS – OutPlay alone at the top

The game between B.O.T.R.L vs Corona Difference did not disappoint! The lions took the advantage on the outsiders of the competition proving that their draw at the beginning of the season was only a fluke in their road. A loss which hurt Corona Difference as they fall from 1st to 4th!

OutPlay takes advantage of it to propel themselves in the first place after a dominating victory against Team Slick.

Knëppel Club continues its progression as they climb to the 2nd place after defeating Team Kaio who now falls to the last place of the ranking, just as North Bronze Side and Dat Aanert Team who concluded their game in a draw! Since Team Slick lost their game against OutPlay, they find themselves at the bottom of the ranking as well. A complicated situation for these teams but a good opportunity for the fans of thrillers as there is good chances that the last spot will be played during the very last day of the championship! Indeed, only 6 of the 8 teams will qualify for the playoffs in June. However, it is impossible to say who of these 4 teams will join the postseason or will see their holidays start early on the 31st May!

Game of the week: B.O.T.R.L vs Knëppel Club

If Outplay is dominating the first half of the season, the 2nd place of the ranking is up for grabs as Brotherhood of the Red Lion and Knëppel Club are battling fiercely for it. They will have a chance to settle this week during a decisive game for the rest of the competition!


FIFA20 (Ultimate Team) – The hunt for the champ for LxBFifa

The Belgian champion has fallen! LxBFifa wins the most important game of the start of his season by dominating Shadoow, the 1st in the ranking and reigning Belgian champion. But the outside did not stop here, as he also won his game against… the Luxemburgish champion and his partner in OutPlay: Ciscinho!

These results are profitable for Fluoriclasse27 as he manages to stay ahead of everybody and keep his first place thanks to his 2 new victories.

Nice week as well from xFabinho of OutPlay, LastKing of Team Slick and DiogoSantos of FC Progrès Niederkorn who all finish with 2 wins for 0 losses. Diogo Santos coming back strong after a complicated start of the season.

Game of the week: Fuoriclasse27 vs Shadoow

We could not dream of a better confrontation! The number 1 against number 2 of the ranking! A perfect game for both players. Indeed, Shadoow has just lost his number 1 place to Fluoricasse and it is the perfect occasion to take his spot back. For Fluoriclasse27, winning this game will make him the favourite for the title!


CLASH ROYALE – The King Tortel is back on his throne

What a thriller at the top of the ranking! BlackPeark and Magic suffer their very first loss of the season and Tortel takes advantage to go back to the first place with his 3 wins on the week! The Player of the Week of the start of the season realizes a perfect week to climb back on his throne.

The other sensational player of this is none other than Krypto, the number 1 Luxemburgish player. Indeed, after a loss at the start of the season which separated him from the top of the ranking (Tortel, Magic, BlackPearl), the gamer from Outplay is starting to heat up as he wins his games against Gibona, Stuflils and Coolio.

Game of the week: BlackPearl vs Magic

Similarly as League of Legends, the main event of this week is a decisive confrontation between the 2 favourite for the title! BlackPearl and Magic who dominate with similar performances since the start of the season: 8 wins, 1 loss and 2nd in the rankings.



Congratulations to the #PlayerOfTheWeek of the previous week: Fuoriclasse27 on FIFA20, Magic on Clash Royale and Tim Shady of B.O.T.R.L on League Of Legends!


 Who are you betting on this week!?

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