Recap & Results: Week 1

After one week of competition, many games have already taken place with them their fair share of surprises and upsets. We summarize game by game!


Outplay Esport has started the season with a convincing victory over Dat Aanert Team. A new team created recently in Luxembourg and presented with their players on the 3 games of the POST eSports League, OutPlay has surprised a lot of people by signing big names of Luxemburgish Esport with Ciscinho on FIFA, Krypto on Clash Royale, but also a League of Legends team built to become the number 1 of the region.

Corona Difference prove on their side that they are not to be taken lightly as they won dominantly against Team Slick. Still undefeated 3-0 in the qualification phases, the outsiders are ready to surprise everyone.

Knëppel Club, representing the Royal Family structure, show that Clash Royale is not their only specialty with a victory 2-0 against North Bronze Side! Finally the dual French-Luxemburgish between Team Kaio and Brotherhood of the Red Lion ended on a draw.

FIFA20 (Ultimate team)

5 players managed to win their first 2 games.

Among them 2 of the favourites of the competition: Shadoow, the Belgium champion, as well as DiogoSantos, one of the best luxemburgish players. But also 2 big names of the FIFA esport scene from the region, Malka from Team Slick and xFabinho from OutPlay.

Finally, Fuoriclasse27 an outsider still unknown from the public shows that he is not to be taken lightly as he wins his Best of 3: 2-1 against LouisLux8 and 2-1 against EricGaletto. Regarding the other big names of the competition, Ciscinho from Ouplay ends the week at 1-1, as well as AbdouBrown from Team Kaio.


With 3 games to play per week, the rythm of the season will be intense for the Clash Royale players!

As of today, 4 players stand out from their competition after a few days of competition: Coolio, Magic, BlackPearl and Tortel. All winning their 3 first games. Standing on top of the ranking is Tortel, indeed, the player from Royal Family is the only one who managed to dominate his opponent, winning all of his games (2-0, 2-0 and 2-0)!

The Week 1 has been full of surprises. We can talk about the nice victories of BlackPearl against Krypto (number 1 player from Luxembourg and part of OutPlay Esports) and Lord Luka (player of Royal Family), or the 2-0 of Aubx against Shy Guy, one of the best players of the Greater Region.

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