OFFICIAL : List of qualified players for the season

After 2 weekends of harsh competition, we finally give you the results and the list of the players qualified for the season!

They were more than 300 to register for Qualifier 1 and 2. They are now only 24 players on Clash Royale, 16 players on FIFA20 and 8 teams on League of Legends. There are well known players, but also new players who took this opportunity to shine and make themselves known. However, starting on the 1st of May they will all be on an equal foot to start the first season of the POST eSports League.

Enough chatting, here is the official list of the qualified:


League of Legends


FIFA20 (Ultimate team)


Clash Royale


It is now time for the players to take a well deserved rest before the start of the festivities next Friday. They will have to be in top shape to start 2 months of intense competition!