IT’S GO TIME! The first season of the POST eSports League is starting today

 The first season of the POST eSports League officially starts today. 96 players divided on 3 games will be battling from the 1st of May until the 30th June to try to win a spot in the Playoffs

8 teams on League of Legends, 16 players on FIFA20 and 24 players on Clash Royale will compete to win the title in their own category. Players known from the eSport scene in Luxembourg, France, Begium as well as Germany, but also unknown players determined to make a name for themselves in the big scene. During the season, which lasts for the next 2 months, the entirety of the players from each category will meet once (no home and away games). The first players of each category will be qualified for the playoffs which will take place in June.


Below you will find a visual detailing the number of places available for the playoffs:


However, qualifying will not be the unique goal of the players! Indeed, the final ranking of the season will also be important for their post-season run as it will define their opponent.

Let’s take Clash Royale as an example:
On 16 players qualified in the playoffs, the 1st seed (the 1st player in the rankings during the season) will play against the 16th seed in the 1st round. The 2nd seed will play against the 15th see, etc.

In conclusion, the players with the best ranking will have an easier start of the playoffs, with weaker opponents… While barely qualifying for the playoffs will mean a harder time to continue towards the finals!

This first season promises to be exciting until the last day of competition!