Interview Krypto : “Hard work, pays off”

How does a Clash Royale champion prepare for the POST eSports League? What are his expectations? We asked these questions to the current number 1 Luxemburgish player of the discipline.


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A few weeks before the start of the POST eSports League and as the number of registered players for the Clash Royale discipline, hit the 100 mark, Miguel “KRYPTO” Gomes, one of the favourites to win the Clash Royale Qualifier has given us his thoughts on the upcoming competition:


🎤 Were you surprised by the launch of the first eSports League in Luxembourg?

👑 Surprised? Not really. It was expected if we look at all the successful eSports events we had in Luxembourg those recent years. Those events (SprinGames, LGX…) are attracting lots of foreign visitors, and if you look at the numbers, it really didn’t come as a surprise to me that such a big project could be organised in a near future.


🎤 What is your opinion on the POST eSports League?

👑 I would say it is what everybody was waiting for and what Luxembourg needed! I’m more than pleased to see such a big project being organised, here, in Luxembourg, that is such nice future perspective concerning eSport in Luxembourg!


🎤 What are your expectations regarding this first edition of the POST eSports League for Luxembourg and the Greater Region?

👑 I think you really have to bet on a good first edition in order to make a good impression! I have high expectations, but especially that it becomes something which will last! I hope the POST eSports League will gather the attention it deserves on a global basis.


🎤 How do you prepare yourself for the POST eSports League?

👑 ‘Hard work, pays off’. There is no magical solution, if you want it bad enough, you can get it! I will focus more on quality than quantity, regular training sessions with training partners, several hours a week in order to be ready for D day! A good training menu is essential! I will probably have a personal coach, but once on scene, I will have to be 100% focused, 20% being knowledge, while the 80% remaining will mainly be mental toughness.


🎤 What are your aspirations as an eSport athlete?

👑 My biggest aspiration is to win every tournament in which I participate. I want to stay number 1 in Luxembourg and take part in the biggest international competitions to represent our country to the best of my capacities.


🎤 What are your current awards? (Top 3 titles)

🏆 Spring Games Champion (2019)

🏆 BE Gaming Week Champion (2019)

🏆 1st player to win 2 competitions in a row in Luxembourg


🎤 Thank you KRYPTO!


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