Interview Ciscinho : “We have the talent to compete with the best in the world”

The announcement of the POST eSports League could not have come at a better time for the best FIFA player of Luxembourg who was eager for a new challenge.


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Icon of eSport in Luxembourg, Francisco “Ciscinho” Muñoz continues to dominate year after year as one of the best player from the Greater Region in his discipline. Just like the many players registered for the Qualifiers, he will try to qualify and be a part of the first season of the POST eSports League. We interviewed him in order to get his opinion on the upcoming competition:


🎤 Were you surprised by the launch of the first eSports League in Luxembourg?

⚽ No I wasn’t surprised. I think it’s a logical next step for the evolution of eSport here in Luxembourg, and I even think it could have come earlier.


🎤 What is your opinion on the POST eSports League?

⚽ I find the organisation of the league very interesting; it gives a chance to everybody to participate and the fact that the best players can compete against each other for the title is an excellent idea.


🎤 What are your expectations regarding this first edition of the POST eSports League for Luxembourg and the Greater Region?

⚽ I think this first edition will be one of many and that a lot of players will take part in it. I think it’s time to showcase that, in Luxembourg, we have the talent to compete with the best in the world.


🎤 How do you prepare yourself for the POST eSports League?

⚽ I prepare the same way as for every other competition. I continue to play online games or participate in friendly tournaments against competitive players.


🎤 What are your aspirations as an eSport athlete?

⚽ My aspiration is to win every tournament in which I participate. I want to stay number 1 in Luxembourg and compete in the biggest international tournaments to represent our country as best as I can.


🎤 What are your current awards? (Top 3 titles)

🏆 Luxembourg Champion (4x)

🏆 Belgium Champion (2016)

🏆 ESWC Participant in Paris (2x)


🎤 Thank you CISCINHO!


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