Interview Aki: “We Expect the league to be on a high level”

Within the eSports organisations which are succeeding in the Greater Region these past few months, Team Kaio is amongst the League of Legends teams which will be competing during the Qualifiers of the POST eSports League.


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Amongst the original League of Legends players from Team Kaio created in March 2019, Julien “AKI” Gotthard, the current captain of a renewed roster awaits impatiently the launch of the competition. We interviewed him to get his opinion on the upcoming competition:


🎤 Were you surprised by the launch of the first eSports League in Luxembourg?

⚔ It’s an amazing news but I wasn’t really surprised because there are more and more regional/national eSports league being created in Europe, we were impatiently awaiting for this type of competition closer to our home.


🎤 What is your opinion on the POST eSports League?

⚔ Taking part in a competition this big is a first for us, we really can’t wait for it to start. We already participated in some of the biggest French LAN last season, but to be able to compete in a competition this huge in our region, nonetheless a league, is an incredible chance for us!


🎤 What are your expectations regarding this first edition of the POST eSports League for Luxembourg and the Greater Region?

⚔ My expectations are of a fierce competition with a very high level of play, I can’t wait to find out which teams we will play against. I think we will meet the past champions of the last Luxemburgish and French LAN in the region, but this time, also competitive teams from other countries, maybe from Germany and Belgium.


🎤 How do you prepare yourself for the POST eSports League?

⚔ We train regularly, therefore, we won’t change our habit. On the contrary, we don’t let up and keep on going with the scrims, we update ourselves on the Meta… You need to be rigorous to perform and succeed at this level.


🎤 What are your aspirations as an eSport athlete?

⚔ My main objective is to reach a pro EU level. But performing at the POST eSports League will be our main goal with Team Kaio this season.


🎤 What are your current awards? (Top 3 titles)

🏆 TOP 3 – DreamHack Tours 2019

🏆 TOP 2 – Championnat de Lorraine 2019

🏆 TOP 1 – Moselle Gaming Network 2019


🎤 Thank you Aki and good luck to Team Kaio!


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